We inspire students to strengthen their personal character by promoting and upholding Georgia Tech's core value of integrity.


Georgia Tech is a community of trust where every decision is made with integrity.


July - September:
Defined project objectives and scope, identified working group, conducted stakeholder and strategic analysis, and developed communications plan

September - November
Conducted PESTLE, benchmarking, and SWOT analyses, developed mission and vision.

November - December
Developed departmental goals, objectives, action items, outcomes and measurement targets.

December - January
Finalized the plan.

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Strengthen OSI's focus on educational outreach


Increase the awareness of Georgia Tech's codes to foster accountability through peer-to-peer interaction.


Improve the sanctioning process to promote an educational approach and reduce recidivism. 

Expand student participation in outreach efforts in order to capitalize on the benefits of peer-to-peer education.


Strengthen faculty knowledge about the referral and resolution process.



Increase awareness of OSI's mission and services


Increase transparency with key partners about referrals, incidents and outcomes.



Strengthen OSI's marketing and branding strategy to increase campus knowledge of OSI's role, responsibilities and services.





Enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of OSI's operations


Increase efficiency to allow for a greater focus on educational outreach.

Ensure continued compliance with all applicable policies and regulations.

Document and standardize major processes and procedures to increase capacity and consistency.


Provide staff development opportunities to continuously enhance OSI's knowledge and skills.