What is a Faculty Conference Resolution (FCR)?

A faculty member can choose to address a potential violation of the Academic Honor Code on their own if they choose. A meeting between the primary instructor and the accused student(s) can be mutually arranged to reach a resolution. This resolution then gets reported to the Office of Student Integrity (OSI) upon completion.

Checklist of Procedure

  • Email the student and the Assistant Director of OSI, within 5 days of suspicion of academic misconduct.
  • Meet with student to conduct FCR process.
  • Student must be given the opportunity to decline the FCR process at any point.
  • Student must read section F.3. of the Student Code of Conduct Student Rights.
  • Faculty member explains why they believe the student's work or actions violate policy.
  • Supporting materials (if applicable) for the allegation(s) are reviewed with the student.
  • Student can present documentation, witnesses, and other supporting information the student deems relevant.
  • If a student accepts responsibility, the Faculty member can institute a disciplinary warning and a maximum grade penalty of a zero on the assignment. The resolution would be forwarded to OSI using the online Academic Referral Form.
  • If the student accepts responsibility for a violation and has prior disciplinary history, the matter will be referred to OSI for resolution. The FCR grade impact recommendations will be seriously considered by OSI.
  • If a student does NOT accept responsibility, the Faculty member should still fill out the online incident referral form and forward the case to OSI if academic misconduct is still suspected.
  • Complete the online Academic Referral Form.
  • Please indicate in the incident description section that a FCR was completed, including if responsibility was established and recommended sanctions.

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