The Office of Student Integrity maintains official student discipline records for the Georgia Institute of Technology. OSI regularly receives internal requests from campus offices, as well as from external sources such as graduate schools, federal agencies, or employers. OSI complies with University System of Georgia and Family Educational Rights & Privacy ACT (FERPA) guidelines in maintaining and reporting out on discipline records. The Georgia Board of Regents requires that all disciplinary records be maintained for five years after graduation or date of last attendance. Additionally, Georgia Tech maintains all suspension and expulsion records permanently. 

Each time a request is made for a student’s discipline record, the student must approve that request. This often occurs when filling out a form for graduate study, scholarship, leadership opportunities, or jobs whereby the student checks a box that gives that third party permission to check his or her discipline history.


from the Code of Conduct that govern what level of information will be released when a Background Check is submitted to OSI:

A.  Academic or non-academic misconduct resulting in expulsion is released to third parties indefinitely.
B.  Academic misconduct that resulted in suspension is released to third parties for five years after sanction completion.
C.  Any non-academic misconduct that resulted in suspension where a potential threat to the campus community exists is released to third parties for five years after sanction completion. In instances of suspension where no threat to the community is identified, the suspension is reported until the sanction is complete.
D.  Any academic or non-academic misconduct that did not result in suspension or expulsion is not released to third parties.
E.  The Institute requires a specific written request from the student to release the entire disciplinary record to third parties*.

*Oftentimes when applying for a security clearance or other opportunities/positions where high level of detail regarding a student’s character and discipline are required, a student will already have given permission to release per the requirements in E above. An example of this is the U.S.A. Standard Form 86 whereby when a student signs he/she gives Georgia Tech permission to release information including but not limited to “academic, residential, achievement, performance, attendance, disciplinary, employment history, criminal history record information and financial and credit information.”  In these instances the Institute will comply with this request accordingly and not require an additional specific written request from the student.