In compliance with the Georgia SB 85 "Max Gruver Act", beginning July 1, 2021, the Georgia Institute of Technology will publicly disclose administrative adjudications of hazing or hazing related convictions. This information will be posted within 15 calendar days of final adjudication or public notice of conviction and remain posted for a period of not less than five years. Records will include the name of any school organization involved, date(s) of occurrence, as well as a description of specific hazing related findings, sanctions, adjudications and convictions for any person or school organization.

Additional Information regarding hazing can also be found in the Georgia Tech Policy Student Code of Conduct webpage.

Phi Delta Theta

Incident Date: 9-13-2019
  1. Distribution of alcohol to underage person(s).
  2. Hazing.
Disciplinary Probation

Disciplinary Probation means that the Student has been found responsible for violating the Institute’s Policy. Disciplinary Probation is for a specified period of time. Any further disciplinary violation may result in disciplinary action up to and including Expulsion.

Sanction Status: Complete