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Tech students walking down an outdoor corridor.

Education and Outreach

Every year, the Office of Student Integrity proactively reaches out to campus constituents and directly communicates to about 2,500 community members through events and activities such as:

  • Information tables at campus fairs and expos.
  • FASET orientation.
  • Collaboration and/or consultation with campus partners.
  • Classroom, student organization, faculty, and staff presentations.

The Office of Student Integrity welcomes the opportunity to participate in your event or program. Requests can be made through our general questions email.

Student Engagement

Students play an integral role in upholding and promoting integrity at Georgia Tech by serving on panels that adjudicate allegations as well as promote awareness and education.

Judicial Cabinets

Undergraduate and graduate students who wish to serve on a panel to hear non-academic cases may do so by applying to the Judicial Cabinets of their respective SGAs.

Student Honor Committee

The Faculty Senate appoints students each year to serve on the Student Honor Committee that hears academic cases.

Honor Advisory Council

The Honor Advisory Council is comprised of undergraduate and graduate students who are committed to improving honor awareness across campus. In addition to outreach and education, honor advisors also serve as a one-on-one resource for students and faculty who have questions about academic conduct. Visit their webpage for more information.